Feature Film and Television

August 23rd and 24th – 2014

Hollywood Film and Television Acting – Professional Acting by Joanna Sanchez

Joanna RedCalling all actors, veterans and new.  Hollywood Actress Joanna Sanchez will be conducting private and open group classes in Houston, August 23rd and 24th (Sat. and Sun.).  Joanna brings her experience of being a working actor and producer in Hollywood, and offers fresh industry insights and valued Meisner Technique training to those who are dedicated to living in the “Real World of Make Believe”.  Sessions are blocked in one-hour private instruction increments with the group open training being 2-hours in duration.  Her schedule is 24-hours starting Saturday at 12AM through Sunday afternoon. So, she is available for those with day jobs or night owls.  Pricing starts at $150 per hour and group session.

 FLYER for Acting Class: Joanna Sanchez Film Acting Seminar Private and Semi-Private – August 2014 (.pdf download)

August 23rd and 24th (call for time slot and availabilities) – 310.801.2561

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Testimonial Video

Behind the Scenes with Joanna

BFF 3.0 Forever Wrap (shot 8.21.11, Sunday) – “All Girls Class”

Joanna Sanchez is a professional actress and acting coach from Hollywood and is dedicated to helping actors bridge the distance between Tinsel Town and Texas and onto the small or big screen. Many veterans who know her, trust her recommendations, and the caliber of students she has trained have benefitted from her many years of experience working with casting directors, producers, directors, A-list talent, writers, studio executives, and more. Joanna is production savvy and offers insights into “the business” that can give you a competitive-edge in the “Real World of Make Believe.” New or veteran actors welcomed.


What you can expect to learn:

  • Customized class based on the level of the actor/actress.,
  • What Hollywood Casting Agents and Producers are looking for now in their    productions (the industry changes all of the time),
  •  Build from her real-life experiences in Hollywood,
  •  How to leverage your opportunities to act and get attached to a film production,
  •  How to experiment with new character development beyond the seminar,
  •  How to shed the barriers that keep you from embracing the character and bring your      experiences, character traits, humor, gifts, ticks, attitudes and emotional depth to      “the work” (your true character matters),
  • Sharpening the industry essentials: cold-reading, script breakdown, monologues, improvisation, getting booked, industry protocol, tips from the Meisner Technique and more!

Call: 310.801.2561 to reserve your session today or by e-mail: Info@JoannaSanchezEntertainment.com. Cost: $155 per private/$155 for Semi-Private. Credit Cards or Check. Cash if booked last minute the day of.


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