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Press Release: Can acting training help you in business, in social settings and high stakes environments? (click link to read article).

Call now to book: 310.801.2561 (Joanna’s direct line in Hollywood) 

Joanna Sanchez Magazine Feature

Houston Actors Love Her Approach and Commitment


Vested in Houston

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(Actors can sign up for more than one session):

 $150 for one-hour privates and / or 2-hour small groups or semi-private. When you reserve, we will coordinate your training time slot. Kids and adults.

** When Joanna is in town, she is committed to a 24/7 work schedule and can work evenings and all night with those who have erratic schedules or sleep habits. When paying with PayPal, please pay additional on-line processing fee. Thank you.


btn_buynowCC_LG Facetime

$150 for one-hour privates on Facetime or by appointment in Hollywood and / or 2-hour small groups or semi-private. When you reserve, we will coordinate your training time slot. Kids and adults.

** When paying with PayPal, please pay additional on-line processing fee. Thank you.


Hector and Crew


Click the picture for more information on kids program.

 Starke on SetActors Tommy Poynter (Mr. Starke) and Roscoe Lynn (Mr. Betterman) on set (from the last training) – “Memories” (click to view treatment)

“The most amazing experience of my life! So many great things are about to happen. Joanna Sanchez has a heart of gold and the people she attracts are just as amazing. I’m so grateful to have been apart of this experience and I’m still on Cloud Nine. This has really been a blessing.”

Kendra D. Parker, Actress

“Screenwriters, never allow anyone to diminish your role in the creation of a film; no script, no film. Always remember, you are the beginning of the end, the end being what the public sees on the screen.”

Norman Ray Fitts, Screenwriter

“When I signed up for the United States Marines Corps, we were expected to be prepared to show up anywhere in the world, anytime, for however long the assignment took. If you are dedicated to your career, that kind of commitment will be required to fight for your dream.”

Andy Valadez, Producer

“I have had the opportunity to network and work with some of the GREATEST people in the entertainment industry. Even before this event, Joanna has become someone that I knew I could trust with the art forms that I hold dear and even with a lot of my secrets (I find that your acting coach tends to learn a lot about your life LOL). But because of this, I knew that anyone that Joanna had in her corner has to be as genuine as she is and of course I was proven right. The entire cast and crew were welcoming and open to give and I am honored and forever grateful to have been a part of this journey!!! To everyone involved as no one’s contribution was gone unnoticed…thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!”

Jameshia Bankston, Singer/Actor

“I have been a student of Joanna Sanchez for several years and have grown as an actor because of her. She went above and beyond with the Texas Enrichment Training Tour for Actors. Andy Valadez and his family were excellent hosts. The production team and speakers were top-notch. They also gathered a talented set of actors for the acting portion of the event. It was a beneficial experience that will stay with me.”

Benjamin Wadsworth, Actor

“Wow, what a great opportunity to participate in the 4 day Joanna Sanchez Workshop.  A fabulous way to jump back into the acting world and to reconnect with the wonderful actress and drama coach Joanna Sanchez.  The workshop offered so much – coaching, rehearsals, headshots, filming, and an opportunity to meet and learn from others in the entertainment business.  Thank you to Andy Valadez and his family who hosted us and to the wonderful actors and crew we were blessed to work with.”

Cynthe Hughes, Actor

 Canon XHA1

Meet some of the stars from previous classes

Joanna Sanchez is a gifted actress, actor trainer, and seasoned producer and ally to all who are committed to the entertainment industry from Hollywood to New York. Her Hollywood location enables her to be in the know about the mood and movement in “Tinsel Town”, while alerting her students and network to what is happening next in television and film. In that spirit, we are proposing for an encompassing promotional and development program to widen the lens of the local talent and immerse them in a structured path. Joanna’s goal is to bring extreme benefit to her actors’ interests and enable her to have the tools she needs to share her students with her casting directors, producers, and director network in real-time and also advance her students to the next level faster.

Houston Movie Industry Reception for Joann Sanchez 

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Testimonial Video

Behind the Scenes with Joanna


What the actors gain:

  • Accelerated advancement in all areas, not just acting – confidence, business acumen, work ethic, memory, friendships and memories to last a lifetime, and more!
  •  Customized class based on the level of the actor/actress,

  • Learn what Hollywood Casting Agents and Producers are looking for now in their  productions (the industry changes all of the time),

  • Hear from professional speakers and presenters

  • Grafting into her network and influence group,

  • Knowledge gained from her real-life experiences in Hollywood,

  •  Leverage your opportunities to act and get attached to a film production,

  •  Experiment with new character development beyond the seminar,

  •  Shed the barriers that keep you from embracing the character and bring your experiences, character traits, humor, gifts, ticks, attitudes and emotional depth to “the work” (your true character matters),

  • Sharpened industry essentials: cold-reading, script breakdown, monologues, improvisation, getting booked, industry protocol, tips from the Meisner Technique and more!

Scenes from “The Acting Coach” 22 of her students featured in this production: (click the poster to visit the website).

Poster 1000



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