Feature Film and Television

Andy Valadez

Producer/Executive Producer

Marketing Strategist

Andy Valadez (@StealthMarketer) is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing and Tulane University (Applied Business), a former United States Marine (Desert Storm/Shield), and founder of Marketing Dynamics.

Andy is an entrepreneur who enjoys advising his clients on how to capitalize on their opportunities by adopting best practices and principles in marketing, with a focus on strategy and tactical implementation. He is also trending producer on IMDB.com and community volunteer.  Marketing Dynamics serves these key sectors:  technology, broadcast, entertainment, publishing, sports, and start-ups. To learn more visit:  www.TeamMarketingDynamics.com

His company has been advising his clients since 1999 on the value of Strategic Marketing.  Andy is a trending Producer on IMDB.com.


His top movie actress client is SAG Movie Actress Mayra Leal (www.MayraLealInFilm.com). He has worked with movie directors, writers, musicians, and other actors to help them leverage their opportunities.

Mayra and Andy

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