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Anthony Rodriguez

_MG_8461Anthony was born and raised in Houston, Texas and has been active on the music scene since the early 90’s. Over the years, his diversity has led him to be involved in groups and with artists in genres ranging from industrial metal, hip-hop, rock, pop, soul, Latina, R&B, electronica, blues, gospel and instrumental. Guitars, vocals, production and engineering have been his strong points. In 2013, he was nominated for “Best Guitarist” in the Houston Press Awards Poll, while playing in the band, PuraPharm, which played the Awards Ceremony at Warehouse Live.

 In 2012, he had been introduced to Houston’s film community as a photographer and actor, shooting stills on the set and getting his feet wet in some auditions. His first audition, which he landed, was for the film, “Katy Nation”, based on the book by Dexter Clay. It was there that he met actor and photographer, Scott Frank, who later cast Anthony in, “Carly”, a film he was directing, written by Norman Ray Fitts. Anthony acted as a stand-in for Lorenzo Lamas in the film, “Return To Vengeance,” by Walker Cable Productions, which also features Daniel Baldwin, Tammy Barr and Yankie Grant. He has taken acting courses with the successful actress and coach, Joanna Sanchez, and has currently worked with her on the film, “Memories”, also written by Norman Ray Fitts.  

For the last few years, Anthony has been involved in Houston’s yoga community playing live ambient, organic and tribal music in yoga classes and at charity events…yoga being a life-changing passion of his since 2009. Success in this arena eventually pulled him temporarily away from acting due to simply not having the time. It was also soon that he gave up his position in PuraPharm. He co-created a part-time position for himself at Joy Yoga Center at which he performed in yoga classes twice a week for 2 years. This led to him founding his company, AREXPRESSIONS : Contemplative Music & Photography, and to him performing at other studios somewhat regularly, such as, Yoga One, Jennyoga, Big Yoga, Yoga Collective, Suntouch Yoga and Sundance Yoga. Also, he’s performed quite often for local benefits and nonprofits such as the annual Texas Yoga Conference, Expedition Balance, Peach Outreach and the Breakfast Yoga Club for which he is currently the Ambassador of Photography on their staff of volunteers. At the 2014 Texas Yoga Conference, he played guitar and sang backup for the international artist, Donna DeLory, who was one of Madonna’s backup singers for many years. Anthony is currently enrolled in a yoga teacher training course at Jennyoga and will be certified to teach in the coming months.

Shot by Rakesh Jacob, assisted by Scott Frank

Since studying the ins and outs of photography since 2012, Anthony has been developing skills, marketing AREXPRESSIONS and steadily expanding his clientele. He has had many great opportunities which have helped him develop himself while serving in the community as well. A love for capturing candid moments has led to some great experiences and work in event photography as well as on film sets. Anthony works regularly with numerous artists and models on creative projects and foresees lots of traveling on the horizon.

Anthony is passionate about offering his artistic talents to anything that makes the world a better place. One of his favorite quotes is this one by Pablo Picasso: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” He is open to the doors that open in front of him.  

Music with Anthony Rodriguez:

Buy the downloads here: Emancipated Soul Movement Vol. 1


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