Feature Film and Television

Steffi Grace Moore

Grace Moore represents a new breed of director of digital content and cinematic producers. Born to a Caucasian Prison Chaplain father and a Filipino mother, a nurse with Orthodox values, Steffi spent her first four years in a correctional facility having the time of her life with the other kids growing up on the same prison ground.

When she was four years old, her family moved away from the correctional institution and into an urban neighborhood oddly devoid of other children. To pass the time without the company of friends her own age, movies became her new fascination. While most of her peers were watching kids’ cartoons, she was ingesting cinema that really kept her mind racing and interested. She fell in love with movies like “Back to the Future,” “Ghostbusters” and “RoboCop,” all of which have inspired her to create deeply impactful stories of her own.

Her dad enjoyed taking his family with him on business trips venturing through several U.S. states per trip, and even into Canada and Mexico. Her travels also included going overseas to the Philippines, where she developed a greater appreciation for her American and Filipino roots.

Growing up as an only child, her two blonde-haired blue-eyed adult half-sisters would occasionally take her to the Museum of Natural Science and other special excursions which piqued her curiosity and created rare, but fond, memories. As a young girl (starting at age four), she learned to play advanced piano (which she still does today), creating her own musical compositions. In addition, she would sketch out her own little movie posters of story ideas based on vivid dreams she experienced.

At seven, Steffi started her training in musical theater at the accredited Theater Under the Stars (TUTS). There, she learned tap dance, jazz, ballet, and acting. At age nine, she began classical voice training with the same instructor who helped her prepare for her entry into the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she graduated in 2001 as a vocal major.

In her late teens and early twenties, she played bass in several bands with interests in traditional rock, alternative and experimental rock, and metal-jazz fusion. She joined her first band (“Taint”) at age 16 as the bassist, and later became the lead singer. When the first band dissolved, she played bass for several other local bands and, at the same time, found solace in Indie filmmaking with local film directors in Houston. While she appeared in the background for two commercials (one for Conn’s and another for HEB), she also starred in several local independent films, further motivating her to film her own feature screenplays she had written.

Having spent several years as an assembly woman and a CNC machinist straight out of high school, she would also take on other pursuits such as weight training, playing bass in hardcore bands, and Wing Chun Martial Arts (stick-fighting was her forte).

After a brief battle with stage three brain cancer, she is thankful to be pursuing her life mission of learning cinema, making movies, and leading collaborative production crews to accomplish the objective of project flow, details of shooting the story efficiently, and venturing with like-minded team-focused content makers.

Today, she spends her spare time watching movies, playing piano, guitar and bass, swimming, playing pool, fishing, drawing/painting, and writing. She is completing her studies in filmmaking at Houston Community College.

She plans to lead and direct family-oriented animated works, drama, and horror/psychological thrillers. Some of her favorite directors are Steven Spielberg, Paul Verhoeven, Ridley Scott, Ivan Reitman, and Quentin Tarantino.


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