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Norman Ray Fitts


Norman Ray FittsScreenwriter and Novelist Norman Ray Fitts has been writing for twenty-five years. To date, he’s completed thirty short scripts and twenty-five feature length screenplays. He’s also been hired to write several feature length screenplays. He’s one of the most produced screenwriters in the state of Texas and currently has several of his scripts in development. He’s written and published five science fiction novels titled “The Encounter”, “Contact”, “The Submarine Effect” , “The Sentinel” and “The Key”. Norman teaches Creative Writing and Screenwriting classes in Houston, TX for Leisure Learning. He’s donated his time to a non-profit organization called “Skills for Living” career mentoring 15 and 16 year old high school students. He’s also been given the opportunity to conduct several writing workshops with children as young as 11 or 12.

Norman worked with the Austin Film Festival for a couple of years reading and judging screenplays for their “Heart of Film” screenplay competition. He runs one of the world’s largest Film Production Meetup Groups with over 2800 members. Through this group he can supply whatever a film production company needs. Norman writes a reoccurring screenwriting article for C47 Houston Entertainment Magazine in Houston and Indie Source Magazine out of L.A. published an interview with him titled “The Creative Teacher”. He offers, and has provided, Coverage, Script-doctoring, Co-writing, project consulting and a number of other writing services. Please visit his website at http://normanfitts.wordpress.com



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