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Short Movie Production (Bonus)

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STARRING YOU!  Don’t wait. For actors who have trained with Joanna prior to being recommended and agreed to by the Director. If you train with Joanna, she ensures you are ready for this short.

Our Director Zulema Nall will direct a short movie by Norman Ray Fitts and include a Murder Interrogation by Jim Boy (former HPD Homicide) and Norman Ray Fitts. The script is ready! The training is now being scheduled and locked. The production day is 11/7/15 (Saturday all day). WE have 6 scenes planned. Continue reading below.

Get to know some of our actors who are participating.  Click their picture to read their complete bio.  We have helped our actors by assisting with writing their bios and creating their on-line profiles.

Sign up at www.JoannaSanchezEntertainment.com  (more detailed information on this innovative program).

If you would like to see a copy of these sides for a particular scene, we can provide them subject to non-disclosure.  All characters are flexible, but not guaranteed.

Details on the short movie shooting 11/7/15 (Saturday):

Producers/Executive Producers:  Andy Valadez and Joanna Sanchez
Director:  Zulema Nall  (Lady Z Entertainment)
Screenplay by Norman Ray Fitts
Assistant to the Director: Rebecca Allen
Director of Photography:  Anna Brodl

Homicide interrogation Scene by Jim Boy – former homicide detective (formatted and embellished by Norman Ray Fitts)
Student Cast: Joanna Sanchez’s Students (featured below)

Minutes:  Approximately 23 minutes (we will know exactly when film is edited after the production)

Joanna Sanchez will be working with each student prior to shooting their scene.  Training begins when you select your option for training. Once you are recommended for a scene, the Director will work with you on wardrobe selections by e-mail or text.  We provide hair and makeup and on-set photography for character shots, behind the scenes, on-set photography, and memories along the way. All geared to and for the actor.



Working Title :  NONE AT THIS TIME

LOCKED: On-camera Narrator:  Fabrizia Faustinella

Character details:  Any sex, nationality 30 to 45.  Think Rod Sterling from “Twilight Zone” or Alfred Hitchcock, but more modern and filmy industry savvy. Lot’s of on-screen time.

All scenes are selected for great dialogue and intensity. General, mainly because we don’t want to give the story away. Again, we can provide copy of the script for serious inquiries only. Subject to non-disclosure.

Scene 1:


Male or Female (40’s)
Female (11)
Male (30’s)
Female (30’s)

Scene 2:

Female (30’s)
Male or Female DETECTIVE (40’s)

Scene 3:

Female (30’s)
Male (30’s)

Scene 4: “Homicide Interrogation Scene” (based on actual events) – LOCKED

Murder suspect any sex, nationally from age 18 to 50.  Detective can be any sex, nationality from 30 to 50.  Generally, we are flexible on casting based on level of training and desire to train for this scene. Based on actual events. Approximately 2 to 3 minutes of screen time.

Murder Suspect:  Billy Dorsey
Lead Detective:  Tommy Poynter
Assistant Detective:  Joey Tirado

Scene 5:

Male Teenager
Female Teenager

Scene 6:

Male Teenager
Female Teenager

Click photos to read bios of Joanna’s actors:

Kendra Parker

Caroline McCrady

Benjamin Wadsworth


Joey Tirado

Joey Tirado


Fabrizia Faustinella

Fabrizia Faustinella

Jameshia Bankston 2

Jim Boy

SherylDenise _9-2015

Sheryl Denise


Billy Dorsey


Tommy Poynter

Dorthy Frazier

Dorothy Frazier

IMG_0035 (2)

Bryan Byrne

Deanie Harmon

Deanie Harmon


Jasmin Torres



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