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Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen has many years experience as a veteran video engineer working on various films and productions for 28 year. Moving from her hometown of Katy, Texas to Hollywood, California in 1987, she embarked on her career in post-production at Paramount Pictures. Later she qualified and joined the Editors Guild. As her career progressed, Rebecca went on to Production Video and Sound providing Video Playback and Video Assist on various studio sets including: Warner Brothers, Universal and Sony as well as many other independent poductions.

Moving to the scenic mountain community of Big Bear Lake in 2004, to raise her children, Rebecca became aware of a void in the local community. She started Rebel Video Production in 2010 to fulfill this need capturing local plays, community events, private parties and commercials for local businesses. Rebel Video Production creates high quality DVD’s, HD video for broadcast tv, websites and promos, even low budget music demo’s for musicians. Rebel Video Production has added equipment and currently utilizes up to 3 HD Canon cameras, digital field recording equipment and the latest Adobe professional editing software. Budget, mobility and quality are at the core of all Rebel Video Production project. Rebecca continues to be involved with film companies and often works on full feature films. The love of shooting on location and the creative process of putting a project together is a passion she shares with the theater companies, business owners, actors and a multitude of people involved with film-making. Rebecca moved back to Texas in mid 2015 to be with family after a visit with her father and discovering that the videographers in the area from Austin to Temple focus mainly on weddings.

Rebel Video Productions offers a unique service to the Belton and Central Texas area.

Download her resume .pdf here: Rebecca Allen Resume (click)



Client Clint Howard

Client Clint Howard


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