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Fabrizia Faustinella

Fabrizia FaustinellaFabrizia is a talented movie actress with 19 movie credits to her name. While growing up in a small village in Italy, she dreamed of becoming an accomplished cinematic motion picture actress.

Her favorite pastime then was to stage plays with her young friends and be the writer, director, actor and costume designer.

Medical science was another passion and her childhood plays allowed her to portray doctors and helped her envision becoming one. She is now a regarded physician.  Fabrizia never abandoned her deep desire to act and inspire people through acting.

Her profession has added depth and breadth to her human experience and has enriched her life to a great degree.  She has seen first hand that life is truly too short to let our dreams go unfulfilled. She has worked with a number of directors, such as Trisha Ray, San Banarje, Gary Chason, Amelia Rico and Theta Catalon.

She is a true professional that exudes elegance, strength of character, humor, sex appeal, fashion current, wit and has transocean reach.

Her many interests and hobbies are gourmet cooking, gardening, traveling, and playing the piano.  She is an avid reader and loves to stay physically active through dancing and regular exercise.


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