Feature Film and Television

Jameshia Bankston

20150816-IMG_9707Jameshia Bankston, a singer/actress has recently returned back to Houston from Dallas where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a Minor in Performing Arts at The University of Texas at Dallas.She has had the privilege to perform in many theater and stage productions since 2008 and is currently working to transition into film with the aid of her AMAZING acting coach, Joanna Sanchez. With a passion for music, a love for acting and a life filled with theatrics, she is excited for the future as soon as God, life, sacrifice & dedication can take her there.

I have had the opportunity to network and work with some of the GREATEST people in the entertainment industry. Even before this event, Joanna has become someone that I knew I could trust with the artforms that I hold dear and even with a lot of my secrets (I find that your acting coach tends to learn a lot about your life LOL). But because of this, I knew that anyone that Joanna had in her corner has to be as genuine as she is and of course I was proven right. The entire cast and crew were welcoming and open to give and I am honored and forever grateful to have been a part of this journey!!! To everyone involved as no one’s contribution was gone unnoticed…thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!” – Jameshia Bankston




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