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Joey Tirado

Joey TiradoJoey Tirado is a Houston-based actor, comedian and entrepenuer (real estate). He is personable, witty and bright, and fun-spirited. He is very low-key, but don’t let that fool you. Inside the mind of Joey is a volcano of commentary on the issues of the day. Check out his Facebook and be ready for a dose of liberty-minded reality.

He has a big dream in movie making (cinema baby) and enjoys hanging out with really cool people. Joey recently wrote, produced, directed and starred (clothed) in “Dinner is Served” (the less naked release) and provides a new spin to dating in a way you don’t expect. He hopes you enjoy his “motion” 🙂 picture.

Joey is currently single and wonders why so many women opt for loser boyfriends on drug recovery, who will never make over $30K per year and treat them right.  So, ladies if you are looking for love with resources?  Joey could be your guy? Don’t let the indie star appeal fool you. It’s an act. Or is it?

Joey Tirado 2



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