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Kendra Parker

Kendra ParkerKendra D. Parker, born to Rev. Kenneth E. Parker Sr. and Carol A. Parker, is a former Correctional Officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. She was born in Houston, Texas and has three siblings. She attended Oak Village Middle School where she learn to play the clarinet and continued to play in high school band, “The Marching Quake,” at M. B. Smiley High School in which she graduated in 1999. Her love for music and singing started at the age of three. She would play the church piano and sing when her father would do lawn work at the church her family attended. She sang in church choirs and with her sister and two cousins as a quartet gospel group titled “L and P Voices.”

She continued education in Law Enforcement at San Jacinto Jr. College in Houston, Texas. After resigning from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2003 she began working as a security officer. She continued as a security officer for nine years until she found herself with interest in a career change but didn’t know what way to go without being bored. In 2012 she began training with acting coach Joanna Sanchez and training in commercial acting at Neal Hamil Agency. She found so much interest in acting because of its continuous change, she would never be bored.

“The most amazing experience of my life! So many great things are about to happen. Joanna Sanchez has a heart of gold and the people she attracts are just as amazing. I’m so grateful to have been apart of this experience and I’m still on Cloud Nine. This has really been a blessing.”

Kendra D. Parker, Actress




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