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Sheryl Denise

SherylDenise _9-2015

Sheryl is an accomplished artist who sings, dances and acts. In the entertainment business that is regarded as a “triple threat.”

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Sheryl Denise was raised by her maternal grandparents. Painfully shy in her youth she still realized there was something a little different about the hidden passion she had for the arts.

Her mother, who had a beautiful singing voice herself, noted often that although Sheryl had no formal training in dance or music she had some natural giftings in these areas.  She sang in church and school choirs where she could just blend in and not bring attention to herself.

She currently has 4 film credits to her name for roles in “Never Quit”, “Urban Shakedown”, “Forgive and Forget”, and “Be My Teacher”.

She also completed a Christian-fictional novel now currently in review stages and pending publishing with plans to convert the novel to script to pursue playwright and screenwriter opportunities.

She is very active in her church and various ministries to those in need.  She wants to use her gifts to bring honor to God and celebrate the life that Jesus Christ has given her. Watch for this rising star!