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“It was the best acting class I have ever taken! It was Ka Jang!”

 –Kayla Renee Valadez  (9) Houston, Tx.

“I have attended both of Joanna’s workshops in Houston, Texas. In the last twenty years, I have been a student at many workshops and seminars here in Houston and Austin. In all honesty, I must say that Joanna’s workshops were the best I have ever been blessed to attend. Not only did she bust our acting derriere’s to make us use our God given talents, but she created an atmosphere of fun while doing it. Nothing gets by her camera lens eyes. I know a few times I may not have been as honest or true in character that was needed in a scene and she saw it and we worked it out. Joanna did not let me give up in my quest for that perfect blending of myself and the character. When the magic happened and I finally became one voice and one heart, a real character was born.-Kathlyn Fowler – Charter Member & Hot Line Coordinator Houston Chapter of W.I.F.T (Women In Film & Television

Joanna also has the gentle, caring ways of a doting Mother to her younger students. She doesn’t talk to them like they are kiddos, but as an equal in the class. Of course, the younger ones are given scenes that are appropriate for their various ages, so no child is overwhelmed. The kids are so happy and are chomping at the bit for more to do after their scenes.

I feel that to grow as an actor is to learn how much you need to grow. Knowledge and experiences are gifts, and Joanna truly gives all that she has so that her students can soar to their greatest potential.”

“Acting is being real in imaginary circumstances”. —> Joanna Sanchez was amazing. Gave me a new insight into the world. She taught me how to bring a “character” to life by simply knowing you. Teaching from Sanford Meisner Technique, Joanna took away all the barriers in front giving me a purpose to ACT! Not just putting feeling with actions but knowing: “Who are you talking to?”, “Why?”, & “What do you need from that person?”, IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I’m passionate about my craft and I just went to a new height where I now have a meeting with destiny! “Middle of the road actors make middle of the road choices.” I’m making strong choices so I won’t fall into that category. THANK YOU JOANNA.”

Keith Brando – Houston, Tx
“I consider myself so very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in the workshop of Joanna Sanchez. She’s such an experienced actress and such an incredible teacher. Her skills are superlative. She taught us a great deal about the technical and non-technical aspects of the craft. Ms. Sanchez created a positive , non-threatening environment and gave each one of us the opportunity to perform and to get specific feedback and constructive criticism. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm were so energizing. Throughout the workshop, Ms. Sanchez proved herself to be not only a bright actor and coach, but also a warm, passionate, insightful and generous human being. She took her time, before the workshop, to call us and tell us what to prepare and work on; and, even if the workshop was scheduled to end at 7 pm, she donated us two extra hours of her time, as she wanted to make sure to cover as much material as possible. I’m very impressed with her dedication and work ethics. I highly recommend her workshop and I look forward to her next Houston visit.”-Fabrizia Faustinella – Houston, Tx.

“Where do I start? My 9 year old son, Chance, has had a passion for acting since he could talk… he has trained with several different acting coaches to learn a variety of styles. Joanna has this amazing connection with everyone she teaches. (I’m not even an actor and I connected in the seminar!) After Chance’s first meeting with Joanna, I can honestly say it changed his life. He grew so much from one private lesson with her than he has in his whole acting career with all the other coaches combined. Joanna knows exactly how to pull all the greatness that is already in you and show you how to work with it. She taught us training techniques that we now practice at home and they’re amazing! She kept my sons attention for 6 hours straight and when it was over, he didn’t want to leave! He couldn’t stop talking about how well they connected and how much he learned! I would recommend Joanna to anyone who is thinking about acting or already is! She is everything I could ask for in an acting coach and more! Joanna is amazing and I am so thankful we know her!”

-Heather Smith – The Woodlands, TX

“Joanna Sanchez is a fantastic actress and a wonderful human being. She is so very caring and selfless. The workshop was a great eye opener, it was the vehicle I needed to take me to the next level. Her ability to think on her feet in uncanny, no doubt drawing off her many years in the industry and experience in dealing with many situations with various producers and directors. She had the ability to feel me out and give the proper training I needed to grow as an actor. I look so very forward to the next workshop and I highly recommend this training to all growing actors, as her wealth of knowledge will be beneficial to anyone’s potential.”-DL Mack, Houston, Tx.“I am honored to have met Joanna Sanchez and have the opportunity to work with her. I walked away from my session with her with a profound understanding of acting and what it takes to be great and successful in this business. Joanna is dedicated to helping you reach your ideal potential. The techniques I have learned from her will forever be apart of me. Thank you Joanna, you are truly an inspiration.”-Christy Bowser – Houston, Tx.“You are an awesome teacher who was fun to work with and made me want to try hard but not too hard, at the right speed, and I learned a lot. And you encouraged me to do my best. My mom thinks you made it easier for me to understand, or ‘comprehend’, how to act. She said that I took more away from one lesson than I have with others in a year of lessons. Both of us look forward to your return, so please count me in when you do.”

– Drucilla Marie – Houston, Tx.

BFF 3.0 Forever Wrap (all girls mini-acting class)


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