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Joanna Sanchez Actor Enrichment and Immersion Tour from Hollywood to Texas

TAKE TWO!! October 16 thru 18, review the last one here <Actor Immersion Training>

Cover of C47Houston
Made the Cover of C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine Weekly’s Edition (www.C47Houston.com)

Starke on SetActors Tommy Poynter (Mr. Starke) and Roscoe Lynn (Mr. Betterman) on set (past immersion training)

“The most amazing experience of my life! So many great things are about to happen. Joanna Sanchez has a heart of gold and the people she attracts are just as amazing. I’m so grateful to have been apart of this experience and I’m still on Cloud Nine. This has really been a blessing.”

Kendra D. Parker, Actress

“Screenwriters, never allow anyone to deminish your role in the creation of a film; no script, no film. Always remember, you are the beginning of the end, the end being what the public sees on the screen.”

Norman Ray Fitts, Screenwriter

“When I signed up for the United States Marines Corps, we were expected to be prepared to show up anywhere in the world, anytime, for however long the assignment took. If you are dedicated to your career, that kind of commitment will be required to fight for your dream.”

Andy Valadez, Producer

“I have been a student of Joanna Sanchez for several years and have grown as an actor because of her. She went above and beyond with the Texas Enrichment Training Tour for Actors. Andy Valadez and his family were excellent hosts. The production team and speakers were top notch. They also gathered a talented set of actors for the acting portion of the event. It was a beneficial experience that will stay with me.”

Benjamin Wadsworth, Actor

“Wow, what a great opportunity to participate in the 4 day Joanna Sanchez Workshop.  A fabulous way to jump back into the acting world and to reconnect with the wonderful actress and drama coach Joanna Sanchez.  The workshop offered so much – coaching, rehearsals, headshots, filming, and an opportunity to meet and learn from others in the entertainment business.  Thank you to Andy Valadez and his family who hosted us and to the wonderful actors and crew we were blessed to work with.”

Cynthe Hughes, Actress

Joanna Sanchez Magazine Feature

Joanna and Andy Producing

Hector and Crew


Canon XHA1



At Bill Young Productions with Sound Engineer “Roffy” and Justin Gray, Video and Graphics Editor (#1 production house in Houston)

Meet some of the cast and crew

One of our dynamic speakers in action. Hector Luna, Publisher of C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine

Our production team:

Producer and Acting Coach Joanna Sanchez
Producer Andy Valadez

Screenplay by Norman Ray Fitts with adjust in collaboration with Zulema Nall for this production sequence
Zulema Nall, Director and Music Scoring (limited)
Andy Valadez, Grip and Livecast/Marketing/PR

Sponsored by:

C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine
Houston Film Industry Meetup
Houston Cast and Crew
The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company
Marketing Dynamics
Trademarke Insurance Agency
JRB Venture Alliance
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FLYER: Joanna Sanchez Enrichment Training Tour (.pdf download)


Enrichment Training Tour for Actors – Professional Acting by Joanna Sanchez

3-day production and training blitz with Joanna Sanchez. Supported by C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine, Screenwriter Norman Ray Fitts (Houstin Film Industry Meetup), Houston Cast and Crew (Rod Mitchell), Director Zulema Nall, and Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics

Joanna Red

Joanna Sanchez is a gifted actress, actor trainer, and seasoned producer and ally to all who are committed to the entertainment industry from Hollywood to New York. Her Hollywood location enables her to be in the know about the mood and movement in “Tinsel Town”, while alerting her students and network to what is happening next in television and film. In that spirit, we are proposing for an encompassing promotional and development program to widen the lens of the local talent and immerse them in a structured path. Joanna’s goal is to bring extreme benefit to her actors’ interests and enable her to have the tools she needs to share her students with her casting directors, producers, and director network in real time.

Joanna Sanchez has put together an incredible program for actors of all ages and experience levels, with a planned agent and production house tour, industry reception, individual and group training sessions, a production shoot and review, and professional speakers and presenters.

Starting October 16 through October 18

Day 1: Joanna tours with top talent and casting agents and production houses in Houston, with a planned evening reception and networking event hosted by C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine, Norman Ray Fitts, Fearless Networkers and Marketing Dynamics.

Houston Movie Industry Reception for Joann Sanchez

Day 2: Training actors with real movie scripts by Norman Ray Fitts

Day 3: More script training and call-sheets for 3 scene production—hair, makeup, headshot and on-set photography, movie shoot, edited and scored demo reel output with Director Steffi Grace.

Live streamed at this link at 2PM CST to 4PM CST to see behind the scenes action as it happened!
Click <LiveStream>

 Affordably priced from $150 to $500.


Option 1: $750 ($1,000 value) includes mention of your participation at the reception and 3-day training session to receive photos of your involvement, demo reel cuts, updated film headshot, and access to all speakers and presenters. We plan to record our speakers also for your later review on-line.


Option 2: $250 ($500 value) to be included in the whole experience as your schedule allows, but does not include output which can be bought later with mark-ups a la carte.


Option 3: $150 for one-hour privates and / or 2-hour small groups or semi-private and invitation to the reception on Thursday, January 15th (evening) and presenters on Sunday (you will be notified of the schedule and location).


** When Joanna is in town, she is committed to a 24/7 work schedule and can work evenings and all night with those who have erratic schedules or sleep habits. When paying with PayPal, please pay additional on-line processing fee. Thank you.

Training Starts Thursday, January 15 through Sunday January 18 (call for time slots availability and options) – 310.801.2561

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Testimonial Video

Behind the Scenes with Joanna

Joanna Sanchez is a professional actress and acting coach from Hollywood and is dedicated to helping actors bridge the distance between Tinsel Town and Texas and onto the small or big screen. Many veterans who know her, trust her recommendations, and the caliber of students she has trained have advanced from her many years of experience working with casting directors, producers, directors, A-list talent, writers, studio executives, and more. Joanna is production savvy and offers insights into “the business” that can give you a competitive-edge in the “Real World of Make Believe.” New or veteran actors welcomed.


What the actors gained:

  • A comprehensive 4-day enrichment emersion that included access to a film industry reception in a major market (Houston, TX), on-camera interviews, script rehearsal, call sheets and set participation with a solid production team, character, on-set, and headshot photograpy with wardrobe coordinated on-line via texts, professional hair and make-up, networking and social media share of their experience, review of their dailies with the director on an 85″ TV with surround sound, catered lunch, and professional speakers to help advance their career.  DVD coming soon! 
  • Worked with real movie scripts by Norman Ray Fitts and participate in a real production with call sheets to capture your trained dialogue on camera to add to your demo reel and portfolio,

  • Updated their headshots with a scheduled day for your shoot,

  • Customized class based on the level of the actor/actress,

  • Learned what Hollywood Casting Agents and Producers are looking for now in their    productions (the industry changes all of the time),

  • Heard from professional speakers and presenters on Sunday from business networking, to reviewing scripts, marketing, and more (our speaker list will be published soon),

  • Were grafted into her network and influence group,

  • Built from her real-life experiences in Hollywood,

  •  Leverage your opportunities to act and get attached to a film production,

  •  Experiment with new character development beyond the seminar,

  •  Shed the barriers that keep you from embracing the character and bring your experiences, character traits, humor, gifts, ticks, attitudes and emotional depth to “the work” (your true character matters),

  • Sharpened their industry essentials: cold-reading, script breakdown, monologues, improvisation, getting booked, industry protocol, tips from the Meisner Technique and more!

  • Made lasting and a lifetime of friendships!


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