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Joanna is currently producing “Arizona Winds” with an all-star cast planned.

See the trailer here:  “Arizona Winds” Trailer

“Arizona Winds” in Brief

Musician Luna Vega has come a long way from the working-class South Phoenix neighborhood where she grew up, to the stardom and spotlight of Hollywood, and now her scars are starting to show. She’s on a repeat stint in rehab and her manager, Tito, is really worried this time. When news comes that her mother Anita has died, Luna, who has grown apart from her family, is thunderstruck. But what’s more surprising, is that Anita left the family’s South Phoenix home to Luna. Not to Esme or Luz, her much more responsible sisters, but to Luna.

Nervous, she returns to Arizona where she must face an extended family that doesn’t understand how she could leave them all behind. What’s worse, her sisters are furious about their mother’s decision to leave Luna the home. When Luna tells them she’s going to stay and repair the house, they don’t want anything to do with it. Searching for connection, Luna rekindles a relationship with her childhood friend, Julian, who remembers the joyful, young Luna of the past. Just when the flood of memories threatens to overwhelm her, she receives help from an unexpected visitor – Anita’s ghost. The apparition guides her, unraveling family secrets and assuring her that she’s doing the right thing. Luna’s unsettled by these visits, but finds an unexpected strength through them as well.

But when a crack in the house’s foundation threatens to literally tear the home apart, and rising intolerance fills their once-close community, this reunited family bands together to heal each other’s grief and help Luna remember why her best songs were always about home.

More on the film here:  “Arizona Winds


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